Thursday, November 8, 2012

How The Digestive System Works in the Human Body

There are many natural foods that will help your digestion and relieve a wide variety of digestive problems. You will bulk up your stool and have regular bowel movements by eating fibrous fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Your digestive system will be impaired by some foods, especially those good tasting fast or junk foods. If you want your digestive system to be healthy, it is important that you avoid this list of processed foods. Before you change your diet to improve the functions of your stomach and colon, discuss your proposed changes with your doctor before making any major diet changes.

Natural Foods that will Help You Digest Your Food

In order to function normally, your digestive system along with the rest of your body basically needs minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that are contained in large amounts, which are found in fruits and vegetables. Large quantities of fiber are found in most fruits and vegetables, which is the reason why they are among the foods that will help your digestion. Artichokes, berries, peaches, pears, plums, potatoes, squash and greens; are a few of the fruits and vegetables you should eat to help with your digestive process. A large percentage of the fiber is stored in the skin of the fruits and vegetables, which means if the skin is edible, then you should eat it. You will get a lot of fiber from dried fruits, like prunes or raisins.

Whole Grains

As mentioned, whole grains are also among foods that will help your digestion. If you want to increase your intake of fiber and nutrients, try eating more whole-grain foods instead of eating refined or white grain products. Whole grains are used to prepare food products such as bread, crackers, muffins and pasta. If you want to improve your digestive health, then you should eat more high-fiber bran and cereals. You can get 5.3 grams of fiber from a 3/4-cup serving of bran flakes. Although, I love Acacia fiber... 25 to 35 mg a day... on everything, or just in water, no more bulking, yucky Phsyllium!!!

I remember an old movie from the late 1960s entitled "you are what you eat". As time has passed, that movie title has remained in my mind, like "Jingle Bells."

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